My name is David Tingle, and this is my academic website. I am a doctoral candidate in Georgetown University’s Department of Government. My dissertation is focused on the international political economy of state-owned oil and gas companies (often referred to as national oil companies, or NOCs). In particular, I address a number of questions related to their activity as international investors. My research explores patterns of NOC internationalization, investigates why some NOCs establish large international networks of subsidiaries and some don’t, and attempts to shed empirical light on the political implications of this internationalization.

The image above shows NOC internationalization for some of the largest NOCs. Each node represents a location where the firm has a subsidiary; nodes are colored by the number subsidiaries in that location, where more subsidiaries are indicated by red.

In addition to completing my dissertation, I also work at Google. I work with our partners to help them get more value out of data (google’s and their own). I live with my family in Toronto. When I’m not at home or in the office, I’m probably on the water.

A few sections of this site are currently being updated, so it is a little bare bones for now. I built it using, and it utilizes the awesomeness of markdown and dropbox.